Hoary pea (ดอกถั่ว)

Fights against stress and replenishes tired skin, which is the main cause of premature aging

Cassava (มันไม้)

Promote smoothing and lifting effects on skin

Monkey fruit tree (มะหาด)

Acts as a skin brightening agent, reducing melanin content and leaving skin tone even and smooth

Asiatic pennyworth (ใบบัวบก)

Highly stimulates collagen biosynthesis, as well as moisturizes and promotes wound healing

Moringa (มะรุม)

Contains active purification and anti-pollution properties

Red algae (สาหร่ายสีแดง)

A great source of antioxidants and a skin brightening agent, promotes even skin tone and lightens dark spots

Lotus seed (เกษรบัว)

Fights against free radicals and signs of aging

Purslane (ผักเบี้ยใหญ่)

Deeply heals and contains anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties

Mangosteen (มังคุด)

Controls excess oil and treats acne

Indian gooseberry (มะขามป้อม)

Rich in vitamin C and high in antioxidant

Prickly pear (ต้นกระบองเพชรโนปาล)

Triggers the skin’s natural exfoliation process to restore dull skin and diminish fine lines

Bear Berry ( แบร์เบอร์รี่ )

Purslane (ผักเบี้ยใหญ่)